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Full-Service Storage For Travelers

The concept of storage is not a new one. People have been renting out storage units to keep their belongings in for several decades. That being said, there is an increasingly popular twist on the concept of self-storage – called the full-service storage. These storage services give you the convenience of self-storage, minus all the hard work. Sounds like the perfect solution for your storage needs as a traveler, doesn’t it? Yes, it is! Pack your belongings, and leave the rest to the pros! Read on to know what you should do before you sign up with a full-service storage near me.

Find the Right Full-Service Storage Facility: Research and find the best full-service storage near me. You may do so by reading up reviews on the storage facilities that you may have shortlisted. Also check to see if the storage insurance covers all your possessions. This will keep you stress-free knowing that your belongings are in safe hands while you are traveling.

Pack Your Belongings: Allocate enough time to pack your belongings systematically. Do not rush and dump all your stuff in a bunch of boxes. Start arranging your items at least two weeks before you embark on your trip. If you have important documents to secure, be sure to segregate and arrange them in folders, and label them before they go into boxes.

Clean Your Appliances: If you have household furniture and appliances that you intend to leave behind in storage, ensure they are clean and dry before they are stored. This will keep them mold-free.

Store Your Items in the Right Boxes: If you have fragile items to store, wrap them in Styrofoam to ensure they do not hit against other things, and break. Valuable items like souvenirs and expensive artwork must be padded using bubble wrap or quilts before they are packed away in boxes. Use portable wardrobe containers to store clothes you wish to leave behind. All other unbreakable items can go into larger boxes.

Label Your Items: Aside from making a detailed inventory of your items, it’s also wise that you label each box with your name, your address, and a description of the container’s contents. This will help the movers store all your boxes together.

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