Moving Tips

  • Have power and gas turned on at your new location before your move.
  • Arrange to switch home phone service after one day of being in your new location.
  • Disconnect any audio visual equipment.
  • Disconnect your washer and/or dryer.
  • Disconnect any gas appliances.
  • Disconnect water lines from ice makers and refrigerators.
  • If you have houseplants on a local move, don’t water the day of your move.
  • Make sure there’s ample parking for the moving truck at both locations.
  • Try to consider beforehand where you would like furniture arranged in your new home.
  • You can leave clothing in your dresser drawers, but only clothing as anything else will fall out when the dresser is moved.
  • Consider moving small personal items such as jewelry, currency or small heirlooms yourself in your vehicle.
  • All boxes should be securely closed with sturdy box tape along the top and bottom.
  • Label boxes by room so delivering your boxes to the correct place in your new home goes quickly as well as unpacking!
  • For multiple destinations, Schultz Bros. has a colored label system available for free!
  • Any boxes containing breakable items should say “Fragile.”
  • You can use linens to fill in extra space in boxes.
  • When packing china or dishes, please note that all plates, saucers or shallow soup bowls should be paper wrapped and packed on edge.
  • Also, any framed photo, mirror or glass shelf/table top should also be packed on edge, never flat.
  • Our Dish pack box is great for knickknack and figurine collections as well as china, stemware and serve ware.
  • Please remember it is illegal for us to move flammable items such as propane, lighter fluid, aerosol cans or any toxic chemical or cleaner.

California Moving & Storage Association

American Moving & Storage Association

United States Postal Service