Packing & Supplies


Your packing and storing are only as good as the supplies you use. Whether you’re moving or just putting items into storage, you need moving boxes and packing supplies that are durable and tough enough to stand up to transport or long periods of being stowed away. Since 1917, Schultz Brothers Van & Storage has served the Santa Rosa area with professional transport and storage services. We’re always ready to help with rugged, excellent quality moving supplies and other products that lovingly care for your materials and equipment.


Part of the challenge you face when you’re packing and moving is selecting the right boxes for the job. Too small, and your packing takes longer because you’re using too many boxes. Too large, and you risk weighing each carton down too much during transport. Also, a good guideline is to place heavier items in smaller boxes while packing lightweight items, such as linens and towels, into bigger containers. Once you have your boxes, how you fill them is just as vital. It’s important to remember that packing too little in a container increases the possibility that items may shift and break inside during transfers, so make sure you use foam packing peanuts to take up any empty spaces inside. Appropriately, we keep an impressive stock of supplies to wrap and transport almost any object. If you’re not sure what you need, contact us and we’ll be happy to make recommendations. All measurements are inches unless otherwise stated.

Basic Packing Boxes
Small Box 16.75×12.5×12.5 $1.95ea
Medium Box 18x18x18 $2.95ea
Large Box 18x18x24 $3.95ea
Extra Large Box 22x22x21.5 $4.95ea
Specialty Boxes
Dishpack 18x18x27 $5.50ea
Dishpack Inserts N/A $3.25ea
Lamp Base Box 14x14x38 $5.95ea
File Box 15x12x10 $2.25ea
Autobottom 17.5×12.5×12.5 $2.45ea
Mirror/Picture Boxes
Small /Long 24x4x27 (24x4x52) $7.00set
Medium 37x4x27 (37x4x61) $8.20set
Large 48x4x33 (48x4x60) $9.30Set
Mattress Boxes & Bags
Twin Mattress Box $ 9.00ea $3.25Bag
Double Mattress Box $12.50ea $3.95Bag
Queen Mattress (2 pieces) Box $20.00ea $4.75Bag
King/Qn. Pillow Top Box $26.00ea N/A
King Mattress (2pcs) Box $19.00ea $5.50Bag
Unprinted Newsprint/Packing Paper & Tape & Stretch Wrap
10lbs (apprx. 200 sheets) $11.95
30lbs (apprx. 500 sheets) $24.95
Box Tape (110 yards) $3.95 per roll
Stretch Wrap (18 feet x 1000 feet) $25.00 per roll
Autobottom 17.5×12.5×12.5

For over 100 years, Schultz Brothers Van & Storage has served Sonoma County as a conscientious professional moving company focused on customer satisfaction and quality. Our legacy and longevity prove that we’re the best in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas. For moving, storing or packing supplies, call us today at 707-546-1616.