Storage Services

  • Household goods storage
  • Antiques & pianos
  • Office furniture & equipment
  • Store fixtures & product

Our storage facility, also located at our Santa Rosa office, offers several safe and secure options for your storage needs. We can expertly store household as well as commercial goods including pianos, antiques and specialty medical and electrical equipment. Most household goods are protectively wrapped and packed into one of our Safe-T Vaults. Each vault is securely closed and then stacked in our state-of-the-art 16,000-square-foot alarmed warehouse. Items such as sofas, pianos and bulky pieces are pad wrapped and kept on specific racking systems or separate storage rooms. Accessing your belongings is no problem! Simply make an appointment by calling our office, and you will be assisted by a warehouseman throughout your access.

Life happens. You run out of room in your home or office, or you have large or delicate equipment you must put in a secure place. You need a storage facility you can trust to not only keep your goods safe but also to keep them consistently in the same condition. Thankfully, that’s what we offer at Schultz Brothers Van & Storage, and that’s why customers in the Santa Rosa area have trusted us for 100 years for their storage needs.


Intricately designed, sophisticated items such as your computers, medical devices, electronics, pianos, organs and other musical instruments need to be entrusted to a secure storage facility with proper environmental controls. That’s why the indoor facilities at Schultz Brothers Van & Storage are the ideal place for all these items and more. For many kinds of household items, we can protectively wrap and pack them into one of our Safe-T Vaults on the premises. Once your items are locked in these vaults, they remain safe inside our 16,000-square-foot alarmed warehouse. As for larger or bulkier goods, our staff takes special care and wraps them in pads before transferring them to specific racking systems or separate storage rooms. Finally, accessing your stuff after it’s put away is simple. Just make a phone call to our offices, and one of our staff will be available to help you.


We’re not only the best in self-storage in Sonoma County; we also provide moving boxes, packing supplies and moving services. No matter what your transport or stowage requirements are, we’re here to help you. Call us today at 707-546-1616 for service in Santa Rosa and surrounding areas.