6 Tips for a Hassle-free Long Distance Move

6 Tips for a Hassle-free Long Distance Move

Studies show that moving is one of the most stressful life events a person can have! From choosing a moving company to packing and unpacking your items, you should carry out several tasks when moving. An effective action plan can help you overcome challenges and make moving less stressful by being better prepared.

To help you plan your long distance move better, we have compiled a list of our top long distance moving tips that movers in Santa Rosa typically suggest to customers.

Choose a Moving Company

Choose a reputable long distance mover in Santa Rosa that deserves your trust. Request recommendations from co-workers, friends, and family members. Do research on the movers you are considering to see what people are saying about them. Read customer reviews and testimonials.

Get quotes from at least three moving companies. When comparing quotes, check all the cost elements to look at the complete breakdowns. If you do not understand a cost element, call the provider.

Update Important Documents

Update your address in important documents such as your driver’s license, bank account, will, and registration. Request that your local post office to change your mailing address in their records. Remember to change your credit card billing and subscription shipping address.

Get Rid of Any Unwanted Items

Get rid of the items you no longer need or use. Donate them to your local charity or distribute them among your friends or neighbors. If you want to make extra money, hold a pre-moving garage sale. This will simplify your move as you will have fewer items to pack and unpack.

Get Additional Moving Insurance

Find out what your insurance does and does not cover. If you have valuable items such as expensive luxury glassware, antiques, art pieces, and pianoss get additional moving insurance. With additional insurance, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will be compensated for any damage that occurs during transit.

Pack Your Items Methodically

Use bubble wrap, old t-shirts, blankets, and paper to wrap fragile items and keep them organized. Use packaging boxes that are slightly bigger than the items. Mark boxes that contain delicate items as fragile. Put items from a room in the same box so the mover’s team can figure out which item goes where.

Use right size boxes. Put heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top of boxes. Put a label with your name and address on every box. Tape your moving boxes. Do not leave empty space in any box.

Keep the Important Stuff With you

Put your expensive jewelry, your birth certificate, social security card, passport, driver’s license, and your vehicle registration records in a box. Keep this box with you. Some other things to pack in this box include toiletries, towels and bedding, a first aid kit, and water bottles.

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