Eight Long Distance Moving Tips

Eight Long Distance Moving Tips

Moving can be stressful, especially if you are moving to another state. You’re excited and nervous at the same time as you do not know what to expect. To avoid being overwhelmed, start planning early. Avoid procrastination and leaving things till the last minute or you will have too much to do on moving day.

Here are some tips for a smooth, hassle-free long-distance move courtesy of a Santa Rosa moving company, Schultz Brothers Van & Storage.

Come up With a Plan

The earlier you start planning your move, the better it will be. Create a to-do list and set a time frame and create a moving timeline. Split major tasks such as cleaning, packing, and unpacking into smaller, manageable tasks. Write down each stage of your move and what needs to be done.

Choose a Moving Company

Look for a long distance mover in Santa Rosa that has experience handling long-distance moves. Visit the websites of local companies and go through the service page to find out if they offer the services you need.

Read customer reviews and visit social media profiles of moving companies to see what people are talking about them. Get estimates from at least three moving companies. When comparing estimates, take a look at cost elements and their breakdowns.

Decide What Goes and What Stays

One of the things that affect moving costs is the number of items to be moved. Have a garage sale or donate the stuff you no longer use to a local charity.

Update Important Documents

Change your address in your driver’s license, registration, credit card, and subscriptions while informing your healthcare provider and post office. Update important documents such as your will and bank accounts as well.

Ask Utility Companies to Shut off Utilities and Services

Notify utility companies about your move in advance-ideally four weeks before your move. Ask them to stop or transfer (if applicable) utilities to your new home. Get confirmation of the termination, pay any dues, and return any equipment. Contact new utility providers at least two weeks in advance, asking them to set up utilities in your new home.

Ensure Your Items

Find out what the mover’s insurance does and does not cover. If the insurance cover is inadequate or you have expensive items, consider buying additional coverage to be safe.

Make an Inventory List

Use an app to create an inventory list or note down all the items you will be bringing with you in your new home in a notebook. Be sure to take pictures of your belongings.

Pack Methodically

Use bubble wrap and blankets to wrap fragile items. Label your boxes properly so your mover’s team knows which box goes where. Pack your belongings by room. Use right size boxes. Put heavier items at the bottom and lighter items at the top.

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