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Moving Hacks To Make Life Easier When You Pack & Unpack On Your Own

Moving can be stressful, especially if you decide not to hire a professional mover. From collecting and packing things to unpacking and placing them in your new home, you will have to do everything yourself. Here are some tips to organize, plan, and prepare for a household move.

Prepare a Moving Day Kit

After moving to your new home, you may not want to unpack immediately. When you need an essential item but are dead tired to unpack, your moving day kit will come in handy. Your moving day kit must include essentials such as toiletries, tools, box cutters, cleaning supplies, and trash bags.

Transfer Your Utilities Before Moving

Living in a home without utilities such as electricity, internet, and water even for a day can be a nightmarish experience. Do not let this happen to you and your loved ones. Remember to have your essentials transferred before moving into your new house.

Use Sturdy Boxes

The importance of using durable boxes for moving cannot be emphasized enough. The sturdier your boxes, the more protected your items. Use small boxes for packing tapes, videos, books, and small kitchen items. Medium boxes should be used for packing linens and toys. Use large and XL boxes for packing bulky items such as pillows and comforters.

At Schultz Brothers Van & Storage, Inc., we provide high-quality boxes for moving. Our boxes can be used for multiple moves.


First and foremost, make a list of items you wish to move. Include essential items, things with sentimental value, and vintage or rare items in this list. Consider disposing of bulky things and items beyond repair. Get enough packing materials such as boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, and label markers.

Pack similar items in a box. All crockery items, for instance, must be packed in the same box/(es). Divide your packages into categories. After packing your items, mark your boxes as fragile, linen, and accessories. Use anti-static bubbles that do not conduct electricity for electronics. Use packing tape instead of duct tape.

Cut upside-down triangles into large, asymmetric boxes to easily lift and carry them. Do not cut handles into bulky boxes as they can cause them to rip apart when lifted.

Use Your Suitcases and Drawers

Many movers in Sonoma County recommend using suitcases to store clothing items. This makes perfect sense as suitcases are easy to move(thanks to wheels!) and aren’t too heavy. Additionally, packing a suitcase is usually easier than packing a bag.

Do not unpack your drawers. Leaving your clothes in drawers will help save space. You must, however, empty drawers with heavy dressers, as the extra weight could make moving them unsafe.

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