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Full-Service Storage: Making Storage Easy & Hassle-Free

For many people, moving to a new area is a major decision. Not only do they have to bid adieu to old friends, but they must also plan, prepare, and pack for their move. To avoid the hassle of transporting goods, many people use storage services. Storage facilities offering this service store their customers’ goods until they settle down in their new location, after which they can collect their items.

There is one major problem with self-storage: you still have to pack up your goods, haul them to your preferred storage facility, and unload the items into the storage unit. What’s worse, the process repeats itself once you are ready to pick up items from the facility.

Full-Service Storage: An Introduction

To help reduce hassles for their customers, many providers have come up with full-service storage models. Full-service storage companies offer end-to-end services. They collect their customers’ items at their homes, place them in storage, and also deliver the items upon their customers’ requests.

Many providers allow their customers to keep track of their items through their personal photo inventory on their mobile devices. Several other full-service storage companies use sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art logistics platforms designed to help users optimize storage space and driver routes.


Decreased Stress

Moving can be stressful. While relocating, many people move their items to a storage facility. They, however, still have to pretty much do everything themselves, right from packing their items to picking them up from the storage facility after they have settled in their new home.

Full-service storage companies relieve the burden off their customers’ shoulders by taking care of the process from start to finish, helping them relax and focus on more important and critical tasks.

Enhanced Security

Reputable full-service storage companies restrict access to storage units. They use security cameras and armed guards trained to keep an eye on and prevent anti-social elements from vandalizing or stealing items in the units.

Enhanced Fire Safety

Before storing items in a unit, reputable and established full-service storage companies conduct comprehensive pre-inspections. Inspection teams make sure that there are no flammable or otherwise hazardous items in the adjunct unit. This is necessary to ensure the safety of items in storage units.

While many full-service storage companies do not allow customers to store hazardous materials, several self-service storage units do not have any such policy in place.

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