Moving Boxes in Santa Rosa

How to Choose the Right Boxes for Your Move?

If you are moving to a new area, you will need boxes to pack your belongings in. Be very careful when choosing boxes for moving. The wrong boxes may not only be unable to protect your belongings, but can also injure you or someone else.

Here are some tips from Santa Rosa movers to help you choose the right boxes for your move.

Stay Away From Non-Corrugated Boxes 

Steer clear of regular cardboard boxes. Instead, rely on corrugated boxes. Unlike cardboard boxes, typically one thick paper stock, corrugated cartons have three layers: an outside liner, a medium liner, and an inside liner.

The outside and inside liners (collectively known as the line board) are made from a cardboard material usually more than .01 inches thick. The medium liner (or the fluting) sits between the line boards to lend the box extra strength.

Cardboard boxes are fragile. If you use a cardboard box for moving glass items and the bottom gives way, the items may fall and shatter on the ground, injuring you or someone else. Also, cardboard boxes are more easily crushed and damaged during the moving process.

Corrugated boxes minimize the risk of damage as they are more durable and stronger than traditional boxes. They are also lightweight and inexpensive.

Evaluate the Edge Crush Test Score of Corrugated Boxes 

Edge Crush Tests (ECTs) are performed to measure the durability of corrugated boards. The Edge Crush Test score of a corrugated box signifies its ability to withstand external and internal pressure. You can determine how much weight a box can hold by referring to its ECT score.

An average corrugated box has an ECT score of 32, which translates to a maximum carrying the weight of 40 pounds. The ECT score of a box is usually mentioned on one of its outer flaps.

If you plan to use corrugated boxes for moving heavy items, look for more heavy-duty options such as double-walled corrugated boxes. These boxes contain two layers of fluting. The standard double-wall corrugated box has an ECT score of 48 and can hold up to 80 lbs.

Use Different Size Moving Boxes

Moving boxes come in different sizes with different weight capacities. Use different size moving boxes for your items.

You can use small boxes for lightweight items such as books, action figures, and collectibles. Make sure your small boxes are taped up properly and can handle the collective weight of the items they are carrying.

Use medium boxes for gadgets, kitchen utensils, and bathroom items. Fill them will a lot of packing material.

Large boxes are best for bulky items such as lamps, pillows, and comforters.

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