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Moving Tips – How to Make Your Move Easy

Several things can go wrong when moving. You can misplace your items or, worse, can do something that could damage your goods. Moving is a significant life event. You need to plan your move to avoid last-minute confusion and ensuing chaos.

Follow these tips to make your move easy from expert Santa Rosa movers Schultz Bros Van and Storage.

Make a List 

Write down the things you need to do and plan a record-keeping system. Number your boxes and note down the contents of each box in a notebook. Be very specific in your descriptions. For example, if a box contains tulip dishes, write tulip dishes instead of miscellaneous dishes.

On the day of your move, keep the notebook with you. This will make it easier to identify what items are in which boxes when you arrive at your new home. This, in turn, will help you prioritize which boxes to open to make your new house feel like a home.

Get Enough Boxes 

Get more boxes than you think you’ll need. Set aside at least 10 boxes for bedding, cleaning supplies, and clothes. Buy several rolls of packing tape and unprinted tape or bubble wrap to pack household items.

Color Coordinate 

Designate a color for each room in your new house (for example- orange for dining room, yellow for kitchen, blue for bedroom). Add a colored sticker to each box (according to the room in which it is supposed to go). Add a blue sticker, for example, to a box containing clothes that are supposed to go in a closet in the bedroom.

Keep Your Important Documents with You  

Important documents such as school records, birth certificates, social security cards, new job contracts, and recent bank records require careful handling during a move. If these documents are lost or get damaged, you cannot replace them easily.

Put sensitive documents in a sealed package and keep this package with you at all times during the move.

Safeguard Valuable Items 

Valuable items such as antiques, silverware, and artworks can get damaged during a move. Check whether your insurance covers your valuable items. Decide whether you need additional insurance from your moving company. Make sure you know what paperwork you’d need in case of loss.

Use Your Suitcases 

Pack items that are difficult to transport in boxes in your suitcases. Typical examples include books and heavy serving dishes. Transporting items in suitcases is relatively more comfortable as their wheels make them easier to move.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items 

Donate items that you no longer use to a local charity. If you want to donate bulky items such as rugs or furniture, schedule a pick-up in advance. The lesser items you have, the more comfortable and affordable your move will be.

Schultz Brothers Van & Storage is a reliable moving company in Santa Rosa. Our pros take the guesswork out of moving. Whether you are planning to move locally or to another country, our team will ensure smooth sailing. To discuss your requirements with one of our pros, call (707) 546-1616.