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How Should I Pack and Store Kitchen Items for Moving?

The kitchen is the heart of your home. When you move, you want to take as many items as possible from your kitchen to save money and help make your new house feel like home. Many families are overwhelmed by the prospect of packing kitchen essentials up and transporting them.

To simplify your move, our Santa Rosa-based team has compiled a list of tips to pack and transport kitchen items.

Pack Less-Used Items First

Pack kitchen items that you are less likely to use between pack up and the move. Typical examples include seasonal spices, fine china, cookbooks, and specialized mixers.

Get Packing Supplies

An average kitchen has multiple fragile items including glassware, plates, and bowls that need special care. Invest in the necessary moving and packing supplies required to pack and move kitchen items safely. Get lots of bubble wraps, boxes, packing tape, tie-down straps, and markers for labeling.

Pack Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are sturdy but take up a lot of space. Before starting to pack your pots and pans, clean them. Make sure every pot and pan is lined with cloth or bubble wrap. The begin stacking your pots and pans in groups of three. Mid-sized pots should go inside large pots and mid-sized pots can hold the small ones. Load your stacks into a sturdy box.

Pack the Fragile Stuff Including Dishware and Glassware

Cover fragile items such as dishes and glasses in cloth or bubble wrap. To prevent damage to them during the move, add an extra layer of wrap. Use boxes specially designed for holding glass items.

Pack Perishable Items

Pack perishable items, including spices, in airtight containers. Make sure the caps are tightly secured. Use cloth placements, dish towels, or bubble wrap to wrap up bottles. To prevent lids from opening, tape them down.

Pack Utensils

Pack utensils and other small cooking items together. If you have a silverware holder, pack utensils in it. Wrap expensive and fragile pieces in napkins or dish towels before placing them in a box. Use plastic bags or fabric to pack silverware.

Pack Appliances

Carefully wrap and place small appliances such as toasters, mixers, and microwaves in the boxes. Use tape if necessary. Seek help from friends and family members or hire a professional for packing and loading bigger appliances such as refrigerators and ovens.

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