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The Most Difficult Things in Your Home to Move

Moving can be a stressful and challenging time. Some items are particularly hard to move because of their size and nature. Trust an expert with specialized knowledge to handle the items in this list and practices due care when moving them.

Here are 5 objects that moving companies in Santa Rosa want to make homeowners aware of when they’re moving.

Large Furniture Pieces

Moving bulky and awkwardly shaped furniture pieces such as sofas, dressers, and beds can be challenging. A few days before the move, measure door frames to make sure they are wide enough for oversized furniture items to pass through.

Wrap any legs or handles of furniture pieces and cover any sharp edges with bubble cushion wrap to prevent damage to your walls in case they brush against them.

Artworks and Heirlooms

Artworks and heirlooms are not necessarily physically difficult to move. However, does not mean there is nothing to worry about when moving them. Artworks can be fragile and can become easily damaged if not handled properly.

For framed artwork, wrap the entire piece with packing paper, paper pads or your own linens. For enhanced protection, cover the corners or the entire frame with taped cardboard. Use cushioned, reinforced boxes to move unwrapped artworks. Use bubble wrap to cover other precious, fragile items such as glassware and sculptures.


Pianos are arguably the most difficult items to move on this list. The average piano can weigh well over 750 pounds. Though bulky, pianos are notoriously fragile. They have many parts that can be easily damaged. In addition to their size, their odd shapes make pianos extremely difficult to move. Since pianos are costly to repair, trust a professional to move yours safely instead of taking the DIY route.

Guns and Alcohol

Alcohol being flammable is not something we can safely move an are not able to load onto our trucks for any distance relocation.  Wine is acceptable but perishable so please keep in mind that your mover will not be liable for anything but breakage to wine packed by the company.

Guns must be specifically inventoried with their serial numbers recorded and be shown to your lead mover or packer to be unloaded.  We are not able to move any ammunition.


When moving long distance some van line movers can load vehicles, boats and small trailers onto large tractor-trailer moving trucks.  Be aware however that there are special fees associated with this service.  Another option is to use a car carrier that specifically handle moving cars.  Ask your mover for a recommendation on a reputable company.

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