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The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Moving

Moving involves the transfer of goods, objects, and items from one place to another. This transfer can be done within a particular city, state, country, or even abroad. There are majorly two types of moving – residential moving and commercial moving.

What is residential moving?

As the term suggests, it involves moving or transferring everything you use in a residential space or home. This includes but is not limited to; furniture, appliances, rugs, curtains, kitchen items, etc., from one place to another.

What is commercial moving?

Commercial moving includes transporting anything you see and use in a commercial or retail space (shop/store/office), including chairs and desks, computer systems, machines, telephones, refrigerators, cash counters, décor items, etc.

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The difference between residential and commercial moving

Planning & Packaging

Be it residential or commercial, moving requires thorough planning. For example, you might have had some furniture made inside your house which cannot be taken out via the door; this requires a practical solution via detailed assessment and planning. Similarly, such challenges can arise in commercial moving but in a different manner. Secondly, both need different types of packing material and layers.

Time Consumption

While packing and moving household items can be done within a couple of days, commercial moving may take more time. For instance, disabling the entire HVAC system of a commercial building can take a couple of days, adding to the packing and moving time. However, this can also vary according to the distance. A residential move starting from San Francisco to New York can take more time than commercial moving carried out in Utah (also depending upon the means of transfer).

Labor requirements

A team of 4-5 members of movers would be enough for the packing and loading work, in addition to a driver for the residential moving of a medium-sized house. In contrast, it may require multiple vehicles and hundreds of laborers for commercial moving. However, these also vary. For example, moving items from a small office (commercial moving) may need less labor than moving the belongings of a multi-million-dollar mansion (residential moving).

Cost differences

Due to the difference in planning, packaging, time, and labor requirements, the cost of commercial moving will differ from residential moving. It is difficult to evaluate the costs as it depends upon factors like the weight of items to be transferred, the distance between pickup and drop locations, seasonal factors, tax norms of states (for inter-state transfers), and many more.

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