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Preparing Your Team for An Office Move

Your team is a huge part of your business, and hence, it is important to understand what is important to them. Create a communication plan in order to be in sync with their needs and also to help them get organized for an office move before movers in Santa Rosa arrive.

There are countless things that you must convey to your team for a business move. Moving a company calls for a lot of work. There are many different things that need to be relocated; and you will have to move not just your furniture and equipment, but also your entire workforce with you. Listed below are a few tips on how to prepare your entire workforce for an office move.

Providing Information – The first thing you must do when preparing for a move is to let your employees know the reasons and details. The best way to do so is to hold a meeting or send out a memo so as to communicate details about the move to your employees and anyone else who may be involved. Also, be sure to define how the office move is going to affect your employees as well as the company in the long run. This will help them be more committed to the company to move.

Helping Your Employees Adapt – Aside from communicating about the move, also clearly identify the different roles that each of your employees will play if the move entails them to relocate. Let your staff know how to pack your office and also enlist the other responsibilities that they may be tasked with.

Do Not Hurry – It is prudent that you give your staff a reasonable amount of time to move. Give them detailed instructions and allow them to pack their belongings ahead of time. This will allow your employees to be mentally prepared for the move and give your company an opportunity for a successful transition. Create a plan and stick to it, and allow for your employees to move their belongings and settle down in their new location before it is time to work again.

Hire the Professionals – Absolutely nobody likes packing, moving, or unpacking. It doesn’t fall upon your employees to take care of the move as it can add additional pressure as well as stress. It may be a great idea to hire a professional moving company to not just pack, but also move and unpack your belongings. This will ensure a smooth and hassle-free move.

It can be very stressful for you to move your office from one location to another. While some stresses cannot be entirely avoided, some of them can be minimized greatly. Therefore, it is important for you to begin planning ahead of time. Give Schultz Brothers Van & Storage, Inc a call, and we will help you with the details you need in order to make a smooth transition to your new location. Call us today at 707-546-1616 for a free quote on your office move.