How To Prepare Your Items For Storage

Moving can be stressful. Whether you own too much stuff or have bare necessities, you will have to take care of several things. When moving, you will have a long list of to-dos. To avoid pandemonium and chaos, and to ensure everything goes according to plan, create a moving checklist. Before the moving day, you need to choose a short-term storage option to store your items. You cannot just randomly toss your belongings in a storage unit. After finding a storage unit in Santa Rosa, CA that meets your needs, follow these steps to prep your items for storage.

Make a List of Items to Be Put in Storage

The more items you will store, the higher your cost, which is why it makes sense to create an inventory of items you plan to store. The list must include only those items that are of sentimental value, useful, or valuable. Store items that can get easily damaged in transit. Typical examples are furniture and paintings.

Thoroughly Clean and Vacuum Belongings

Whether you plan to store your items for one week or a month, thoroughly clean down surfaces of your items using an all-purpose cleaning spray. Vacuum couch and chair cushions, and clean cleaning appliances with disinfectant wipes. A thorough cleaning will reduce the chances of your belongings smelling bad when you retrieve them from the storage unit.

Use Transparent Plastic Bins

A major drawback of using boxes is that you will be unable to view your items without opening them. Plastic bins can be an alternative to boxes. They will allow you to view items stored inside them. This simple trick can help you save time and avoid confusion when retrieving items from your storage unit. If you have no other choice than to use cardboard boxes, make sure they are sturdy. Clearly label each box.

Take Steps to Safeguard Your Items

If your storage unit is not climate controlled, you must take proper precautions to prevent mildew, mold dust, and moisture from damaging your items. Start by ensuring that all your items are dry. Apply protective spray on furniture and leather items. Cover furniture in cotton sheets. To prevent moisture damage, store electric cords in plastic bags. Use special mattress storage bags to store mattresses.

Disassemble Large Items

Disassemble large items such as beds and dining tables before placing them in storage. This will not only help save precious space, but will also protect items from wear and tear caused due to constant exposure to the elements.

Prepare Appliances

Fold small kitchen appliances and their cords in bubble wraps or foam. Before packing your appliances, remember to thoroughly clean them and secure loose parts, if any, using ropes. To avoid moisture build-up, leave the door of your washer, dishwasher, and fridge partially open.

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