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How to Make Moving Easier

So, you found yourself a new place! Congratulations! It is all wonderful and exciting, until your mind starts thinking about all the things you must move. Moving homes can be a stressful and overwhelming experience even to those who have done it several times before. And yet, moving can be made easier by following a few simple hacks. With no further ado, we present to you a list of moving tips from experts at residential moving companies near me.

Ways to Make Moving Easier

Create a Packing and Unpacking Playlist – Looking for a fun way to pack without focusing on the ordeal? Create two playlists to use for your impending move – a packing list, and yes, an unpacking list. Put together a bunch of your favorite peppy dance tracks for the packing playlist to keep you motivated and on the job. For the unpacking list, pick songs that are more relaxing. While this may seem like a crazy tip, it does work in making you more focused and less stressed out over the entire process. Before you know it, your boxes are ready to be loaded!

Focus on the Easy First – Pack smart! That is the key to moving easier. If you have furniture such as dressers, you will do good in leaving your clothes in there instead of taking everything out, and putting them into another box! Your movers will simply wrap your dressers so that no drawers move, and your clothes are ready to use at your new home! Pick up a few moving boxes from Home Depot or Lowes for clothes that are on hangers in your closet. You can stack the clothes with the hangers on, and simply organize them into your new closet.

Similarly, if your kitchen tools, flatware and other items are already slotted in drawer organizers, leave them as is, and have the packers pack them up that way. This will allow you to take them directly out of the box, and just pop them right into a new drawer.

Invest in Smaller Boxes – Most homeowners are tempted to purchase or use large boxes that can hold as many things as possible. However, smaller boxes are more practical. Consider buying a few dozens of bankers boxes. They are easily manageable, small, and stack up perfectly. What’s more? You don’t need to use tape to put them together. You may still need larger boxes, but a very few of them. Packing and unpacking smaller boxes is quick and easy, so is moving them around.

Use an App – Organizing is not everybody’s cup of tea. And if you find organizing a tedious task, download a moving app. A moving app can help you track what is in each of your boxes. It also allows you to snap pictures as you fill up each of the boxes. Many of the apps also have handy features such as a search function that will help you find your favorite book in the exact box you packed it in!

These simple hacks can make packing much easier, and so much fun! For larger furniture and items, you can rely on a reputable moving service. If you are looking for residential moving companies near me, look no further than Schultz Brothers Van & Storage, Inc.– a reliable moving service that will get all your things to your new home in pristine condition. Call us today at (707) 546-1616 for a no-obligation quote!