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Best Tips for Moving in Winter Season: Moving Checklist

Summer is widely regarded as the most ideal time to relocate. In fact, movers in Santa Rosa report that the summertime is frequently the busiest time of year. But what if you have to move during the winter months? Well, let us tell you, it’s an equally great time to move! If you’re planning to transfer or move this winter, and are concerned about how to transport your belongings safely, here is the best solution for you.

To move in the winter months, you need to be strategic in your preparation and implementation. You should take all necessary steps to ensure that you can be prepared for any weather conditions that may arise.

Here are a few of the greatest ideas to make moving out hassle-free.

Set a Date for the Moving

Planning in advance and setting a final date can make things go smoothly. You must choose the most convenient day of the week to shift your belongings. Whether it is on a weekend or weekday, choose whichever option seems best suited for your schedule.

Make Preparations Ahead of Time

Regardless of whatever season you choose to relocate, careful planning is key. Make sure to organize your furniture strategically and prepare ahead of schedule. This way you are able to tackle any issues with adequate time at hand. When you’re in a rush to move, things might not go as planned and you may end up losing a few things in the midst chaos.

Make Contact with the Relocation Services

Hire a genuinely dependable packing and moving service provider to take care of the heavy work. While you may want to do the loading yourself, hiring a professional moving company for the shipment will ensure that your belongings are dealt with care. At Schultz Brothers Van & Storage, Inc, we are well prepared for these scenarios and will go to great lengths to ensure the protection of your items.

 Choose Packing Materials That Are Watertight

Since rainy weather and electronics don’t mix well, be extra cautious with electronic items. If you don’t have enough waterproof packaging, you might want to hire someone to assist you to pack them.

Begin Your Journey Early

Starting your journey early, especially if you want to drive, gives you extra time and ensures that you are able to combat any delay on the road. Winter days are shorter, so it becomes dark sooner. It is advisable to wake up early and get there before it becomes dark.

Having your new house prepped for winter is also crucial so that you may enjoy the warm atmosphere as soon as you arrive. Having it done by specialists is a smart decision because they are familiar with weather challenges during relocation and would undoubtedly assist you in ensuring a great, hassle-free winter move. To get the best quote, give us a call at (707) 546-1616.