Man in a black cap loading boxes into a van

What Exactly is Full-Service Storage?

A full-service storage company picks items from their customers’ homes, places them in storage, and returns the stored items upon request. Once you have packed your items, you must arrange a pickup by your chosen provider. After your items arrive at the storage facility, your provider’s crew takes pictures of the contents of each box and inventory. Item details are entered into the provider’s system, and the items are moved into storage.

Do Full-Service Storage Facilities Offer Packing Supplies?

Depending on the business model, a full-service storage company may agree to pack your items for free or for a fee. Some full-service storage facilities in Santa Rosa offer boxes and storage bins free of cost, while others charge for packing supplies. If your provider does not charge for boxes, bubble wraps, or bins, ensure to return them within the specified timeframe, or the full-service storage company may levy a penalty.

How Long Can You Store Items in a Full-Service Storage Facility?

Many full-service storage facilities have the typical month-to-month storage contract, while others have a three-to-five-month contract. Full-service storage costs depend on several factors, including unit size, services offered, full-service storage facility location, how long you intend to store your items, and security levels.

The Cost Factor

Full-service storage facilities charge a slightly higher fee than self-storage facilities. However, the benefits of full-service storage far outweigh the costs. With full-service storage, you need not rent a truck to transport your items to your provider’s facility or hire labor to pack your items in boxes. In addition, many providers offer sturdy storage boxes, saving their customers the hassle of sourcing packing supplies.

Some Benefits of Full-Service Storage

There are several compelling reasons to put your items in full-service storage. A full-service storage facility manages everything – right from picking up your items to placing them in storage, eliminating item-handling headaches. Once your items are moved into storage, you can log into your account, go through the inventory list, and view the photographs taken by your provider’s crew.

Reputable full-service storage facilities take all necessary steps to protect items in storage. They have an in-house security and surveillance team that surveils the property 24/7 through strategically placed cameras. In addition, many providers install smoke alarms, fire alarms, and burglar alarms in their units. These alarms notify users about an impending disaster so they can take measures to prevent damage to items in storage in a timely fashion.

Many facilities have climate-controlled units that provide an extra layer of protection against damage caused by sudden and extreme temperature fluctuations. A climate-controlled unit uses air conditioning and humidity control to prevent damage to the items stored in it.

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