Storage Units in Santa Rosa CA

How to Easily Access Your Full-Service Storage Unit

How do you find the concept of full-service storage? Innovative, isn’t it? When we run out of space in our house or office, a full-service storage unit is our savior. A lot of space can be created in your property by shifting items that are not used frequently. A full-service storage facility ensures your long-term convenience by placing your things in a planned and organized manner.

The placement is such that the boxes are easily accessible as and when they are required. For instance, a sudden drop in temperature would call for woolen clothes. Now, in a full-service storage unit, accessing your woolens will not be a big task. As a matter of fact, with your boxes labeled and organized systematically, there will be no need for you to open and check every box, every time.

Tips to Access Your Full-Service Storage Units

To avoid unnecessary stress and annoyance, here are some essential tips that can help you in placing your items in full-service storage units.

Packing – According to the leading service providers of storage units in Santa Rosa, CA, it all starts with intelligent packing. Determine a size for all the boxes, and request accordingly. It will enable even storage, and will avoid any chances of boxes tripping off. Make sure you label the boxes on two of the front sides. You can also consider pasting a small list of items stored in every box.

Planning – Needless to say, you cannot achieve success without proper planning. Wisely plan the way you would want your stuff to be stored. Keeping large and heavy stuff at the back, and light and smaller boxes in front can make things easier for you. It will also enable locating the required boxes easily and quickly.

Utilize Shelving – Do you have shelves in your storage unit? If yes, this is a fantastic help to maximize the space. Shelves can accommodate small and medium-sized boxes, giving you a more extensive ground space. Also, shelving can give you direct access to minor stuff like a toolbox, gardening kit, and so on. The professionals at the full-service storage unit will be adept at storing your stuff properly and promptly.

Vertical Storage – You must always store your boxes in a vertical pattern rather than a horizontal pattern. Why? Because vertical storage will help you in utilizing maximum space, plus it can prevent damage to fragile items like mirrors, glasses, and frames! Though the storage experts must be aware of this, discussing again is not a bad idea.

Create Aisles and Passageways – If you wish to have easy and quick access to your stuff stored in the full-service storage unit, don’t forget to ask your storage providers to create aisles and passageways in it. This will allow you to navigate inside the unit easily without colliding with any of the boxes.

Also, how about having a map of your storage unit? Creating a small map of all the items stored can become your first-hand guide. You can also take help from the concerned professional as they will also be having a complete inventory. Not only this, you can assign the job of bringing stuff from the storage unit to your family members as well. With the flawless functioning of the full-service storage unit, even they will be able to quickly locate the items. Contact our professionals at Bekins Santa Rosa (Schultz Brothers Van & Storage, Inc) at (707) 546-1616 for more details.